The Pix Theatre Vision

Upon completion of the renovation, the theatre will provide a venue for local community theatrical groups and student films, both college and high school levels, and host an annual student film competition. The PIX Theatre will show children’s, independent, and classic films, and be available for film festivals.

We will create educational programs for under privileged and at-risk children in our community, as well as offer art classes to children in partnership with local artists. We will also work in conjunction with programs for children and people with disabilities to provide art classes and workshops with one on one instruction.

Theatre will host to local live music, as well as big name artists, and be a venue for live theatrical performance acts from surrounding states.

The renovation was made more difficult by the collapse of the building’s roof during a summer 2003 windstorm.

Completing this endeavor required an extraordinary amount of community support. The City of Nampa signified its support by awarding a community block grant in the amount of $150,000. Along with insurance and community contributions, a total of $250,000 was raised to fund the roof repair. However, do to the escalation of steel prices and other unforeseen cost overages; the full completion of the roof was not obtained. We were $50,000 short of completing our first phase of construction and finishing the roof on the theatre.

Additional support from throughout the community must now be identified, recruited, solicited and engaged in order to ensure the success of the project. The cost to remodel and refurbish this facility will be approximately $2,000,000. The money will be raised through community fundraisers, private donations, corporate sponsorships, and local, state, and federal grants. A construction schedule will be developed as the necessary funds are secured. The long-term goal of this Foundation is to provide a facility that will be self-sustaining. We can accomplish this by:

  • Showing independent films.
  • Booking live performances of professional musicians, artists, entertainers.
  • Renting the facility out for civic and business events.
  • Renting the facility out for training and workshops.
  • Community support and fund-raising events.
  • Providing a dining facility that will be leased.
  • Providing a wine bar that will be leased.

The PIX Theatre will be an ideal venue for a variety of cultural and educational activities – it’s size is perfect for a wide array of community events and performances. The main vision for this theatre is that it will become a cornerstone for community events and to increase economic development in Downtown Nampa. The Pix will be the centerpiece of the new Downtown Nampa – a place where people can go for their entertainment and educational needs. We envision a facility that will provide the needs for Nampa’s future while maintaining a nostalgic link to Nampa’s past.

Get Involved with the “Fix the Pix”  Project

With proper management, the Pix Theatre has the opportunity to become a cornerstone for downtown Nampa and act as an enduring attraction for visitors.

As downtown Nampa grows, the need for cultural attractions will rise. The arts have always provided an avenue for the community and visitors to see what a city has to offer. By focusing on a variety of arts programs, the Pix Theatre can enhance the cultural life of downtown Nampa and mobilize community-based civic engagement by bringing events such as live theatre, film festivals and feature films, family movie days, high school theatre, business meetings, and much more, in a setting unique to Nampa.

As a facility dedicated to and specifically designed for the arts, it would grow to be a focal point for cultural life in Nampa and the surrounding communities. The economic and cultural aspects of the area indicate positive support for the theater. The potential exists to renovate the theatre for the production of programs, plays, films, concerts, entertainment, and even business events. The 375-seat facility would enhance performances by groups currently in the region and serve to bring the community together in a multi-use facility.


The next capital campaign goal is to retire the mortgage. Mortgage holder, Federal Bank, has offered a limited time gift of 50% reduced of the remaining amount and we plan on taking advantage of that offer. Once the mortgage is paid, we will be able to move forward with utilizing any funds raised towards renovations of its interior.

Supporting this community project is a rewarding opportunity for individuals, corporations, and local businesses to give back to the community.

Pix Theatre History

The Pix Theatre first opened its doors on September 11, 1946 in downtown Nampa. At the time it was built, it was the newest and biggest theatre in Idaho. Theatre walls were covered with heavy blue-figured damask tapestry and the 688 seats were spring-cushioned.

Two usherettes manned each aisle with flashlights because once the show started, the movie, short features, newsreels and cartoons played continuously from 1:30 p.m. to midnight.

The Pix Foundation, Inc. is working very hard to get the doors back open to the public. Renovation to the theatre began in 2002, but, sadly, was interrupted when the roof caved in from a bad storm, destroying everything in the interior. It was a huge job to remove the rubble and install a new roof, but that has been accomplished along with steel columns to support a new balcony and mezzanine.

More demolition was required which involved removing some of the concrete floor in the entrance and concrete walls in the basement to remove obsolete equipment. That has been completed in the last year. Phase I and Phase II are completed and we are ready to move on to Phase III. We are ready to rebuild!

About the Pix Theatre Foundation

The Pix Foundation is a 501(c) 3 that was established in 2002 to restore the original 1946 Pix Theatre and utilize it as a community center for a variety of purposes. The vision is not only to preserve this important piece of Nampa history, but to create a centerpiece for downtown Nampa with a unique and beautiful facility that rivals no other, providing an exciting, versatile venue for entertainment, community events, and educational programs for children and adults. The foundation currently has seven active board members, and in April of 2006, contracted a full time Executive Director.

The restored theatre will provide a venue for children’s theatre groups, small performing arts groups, music performances, lecture series, independent films and film festivals, and meeting space for local businesses and civic organizations.

With a goal to partnership with local theatre groups and other arts organizations, the foundation will strive to help create more avenues for our local youth to get involved in the Arts by assisting in the creation of more programming and improvement of existing programming.
Upon completion and when programming begins, a percentage of proceeds will be placed in an endowment fund for scholarships for at risk youth. It is a mission of The Pix Foundation board of directors that we give back to our community. By setting up a scholarship fund to assist youth who have not yet decided the direction they plan on taking for their future, we hope to encourage and financially assist those undecided youth to further their education, in whatever field they chose.

We have received and continue to receive numerous in-kind services from architects, engineers, contractors, electricians, asbestos abatement, print shops, advertisement agencies, accounting and legal services, and local community members.
We are seeking capital to complete the project through local foundations, individuals, and continuous fundraising events.
Our current capital campaign goal is $65,000 to retire the current bank loan leaving the building free and clear and $100,000 to move us into phase III of the project proposal.

Once the theatre is open we will generate revenue by continuing to offer memberships, creating new fundraisers, sale of balcony tables and theatre chairs, “Ticket-tron” sales for events occurring throughout the Valley, as well as ticket sales to events and movies at the theatre itself.

We are a volunteer workforce and envision that to continue, which will allow us to keep our overhead costs low and focus on developing programs that benefit the youth and general community of Nampa.
We hope you can share in the vision we are striving to create in Nampa’s core and the importance of the Arts in our children’s and communities lives.

The Pix Foundation
Pix Theatre